A Closer Look With The Dovo Straight Razor

For more than a century since it was established way back in 1906, Dovo straight razors have been making meticulously clean shaves for men, all over the world using the world famous Solingen steel blade. Each and every Dovo straight razor has been handcrafted from the blade itself up to it’s sheath cover, giving it that exquisite look that lives up to it’s legendary name when it comes to being one of the top straight razors in the world if not the best amongst others. Putting emphasis on the way it was made to provide a consistent sharp disposition regardless of how long that you have been using it, it will stay as sharp as it did the first day that you started to use it. Dovo straight razors have been around since the turn of the century and it was during this time that men were given a convenient way to properly shave themselves more cleanly than before. This straight razor can actually maintain the closest shave that any straight razor can make comparable to that of modern electrical shavers. Probably owing it to it’s blade that was forged in Solingen, Germany, it’s Solingen blade can remain as sharp as it is for many years regardless of how frequently it is used and as a fact, Dovo straight razors are already considered precious family heirlooms that is passed from father to son, from one generation to another, which proves with unreasonable doubt how highly regarded this straight razor is.

Dovo Straight Razor Solingen Cut Throat Reviews

Having a history of being the best straight razor in the world, it is quite intriguing to know on how Dovo can maintain their high standards of quality throughout the last hundred years. If you ever have the chance to handle a Dovo straight razor for the first time, you’ll find out instantly that it’s looks and feel in regards to handling it appropriately goes hand in hand. Despite it’s fairly small size, this straight razor has a heavy feel when you handle it, especially if you had been using disposable shaves for your whole life. Solingen steel was made to be heavy since it has a very dense consistency compared to other kinds of metals. Solingen can be closely compared to another legendary metal used in swords which is called Toledo steel. Solingen and Toledo steel look fairly similar to weight and appearance as both have that seemingly bluish taint on their metal after being forged. Due to Solingen steel’s highly dense consistency, sharpening the blade prior to completely preparing it to be used as a straight razor still needs to go through a few more steps before it can be used.

Solingen steel manufacturing process is a bit of a secret but what we really want to know is what this legendary straight razor’s blade is made of, more particularly how they made it to be that way. Basically, Solingen steel is mostly composed of stainless steel which is mixed in with a number of different metals, which among them is carbide or carbon steel. Mixing in both types of metals in a Bessemer forge, the molten metal is then cut up and given it’s primary shape that is the main razor blade. Putting the shape on the razor would cut the effort of sharpening it by almost half since it already has it’s primary cutting contour. The razor is again subjected to a high temperature oven and machine stamped into it’s final shape prior to sharpening the razor. This process is repeated several times as it undergoes tempering into which it is subsequently soaked in cold water to improve the metals density and consistency. After following this process, the razor is now ready for sharpening and it should be interesting to know that all Dovo straight razors are manually sharpened by hand.

There is no easy way around the process in sharpening these razors as machine sharpening tools will only ruin the razor’s high quality blade. Hand sharpening the Dovo straight razor’s blade is given to the craftsmen that have been doing this for a very long time in which their forefathers who had also worked for Dovo had passed this special skill to their children. The whole process of hand sharpening these razor blades takes about almost an hour, making sure first that the blades that were finished do not have any manufacturing defects such as pores or uneven surface consistency in regards to it’s shape. Since the craftsmen will solely rely on the blades perfect shape as they will start to sharpen it accordingly to it’s contour and shape. When the sharpening process is finished, the razors are then given a firm polishing treatment that gives it it’s luster and shinny finish into which they are put into their casing and blade sheath. Added to this, Dovo straight razor’s handles also have highly detailed designed finishing that some consider as a work of craftsmanship as all razor blade handles are meticulously hand made as well. With all these effort put into making this world famous straight razor, you can be assured that you are getting the quality that you deserve and more when you are given the privilege of owning a Dovo straight razor for yourself.

Using a Dovo straight razor is not easy when you get to use it for the first time as it does take a little while to get used to it. Straight razors are really dangerous to use as there is a very high possibility of you to cut yourself with every time that you use it. To begin with, you should always apply ample amounts of shaving soap or shaving creme to substantially soften your facial hairs while providing the right amount of lubrication to give you an easier means of shaving your face. Keeping the right downward level when you are shaving your face should be kept in mind and maintaining the right amount of pressure while you are holding your razor should give you a clean and even shave. As for the neck area, you should always use an upward stroking motion to negotiate the different angles on your neck, particularly under the chin area.

Taking Care of Your Dovo Straight Razor

Your Dovo straight is basically maintenance free and considering that it’s razor blade contains more quantities of stainless steel than carbide steel should not be a reason for you not to take care of it. Despite of it’s high quality, it would mean nothing if you totally neglect making adequate maintenance to it from time to time. Always remember that the Dovo straight razor is founded on a long line of fine manufacturing traditions that it has earned itself because of their high quality products. You should be proud to own one, the same with many others around the world who take pride in such a highly regarded product. Maintaining your Dovo straight razor starts as soon as you finish in using it. The first thing that you should always remember is to wash off any remaining dirt or grime that has accumulated as a result of shaving. It is advised to wash off your straight razor with running water and tap off any remaining moisture and let it dry out in the open air. As a note, never ever wipe off excess moisture from the blade with a cloth since this is not a safe practice in cleaning off your blade using this method. Besides being dangerous, it can actually dull out your razor’s blade.

Lubrication and Oiling

Another thing to consider is putting on some mineral oil or any form of light oils that act as a lubrication for the blades and at the same time, give it ample protection from rusting, since the blade’s consistency is composed of stainless steel and carbide steel which gives this razor it’s tensile strength, unfortunately, carbide steel is also prone to rusting. As for storage is concerned, always keep your Dovo straight razor in a safe dry place so it is kept away from children and avoid any untoward incident that may arise if it gets into the hands of children. Always keep your razor in a securely locked place.


As for maintaining a consistent shave every time that you use your straight razor, sharpening your Dovo straight razor is properly achieved through the use of a shaving belt that is made out of cow hide leather. The proper way to do this is by sharpening it using a consistent forward motion away from you to conform with the razor blades shape. Doing this the other way around will only dull off the blades, resulting in an uneven shaving result which will also make shaving an unpleasant experience

DOVO Solingen Straight Razors

What Makes Dovo Straight Razors A Standout Among the Rest?

Besides making you look good and felling good with every satisfying clean shave, Dovo leads other brands behind because of one reason and that is Dovo straight razors are a classic! But don’t take my word for it as you only need to feel the results on your face after every shave using this high quality straight razor. How do you find the right Dovo straight razor that will give you the best shaving results to bring out your face’s most prominent features? One thing that most people did not know is that straight razors have 2 basic blade shapes and that is the curved blade and the straight blade razor. The straight blade razor is made to shave people with long facial features, not to say that it will not give a decent shaving result for people with rounded facial features, but it will make shaving quite easier if you use the proper razor design that fits accordingly to the shape of your face. Curved razor blades go well with people with rounded facial features as it will conveniently give them the perfectly clean shave that their face deserves.

The Classic Dovo Straight Razor

This is the classic model that Dovo straight razors are well known for since they started making straight razors way back in 1906. Nothing beats a classic and as proof of that statement, Dovo still continues making this sort of straight razor model that is sought after by men who prefer to shave the classic way, reminiscent of their fathers before them. Since they started making these razors, Dovo still continues to maintain the kind of high quality that their razors are known for. A perfect way to usher in the coming of your son’s manhood and what better way to start it out than to give him his very first Dovo straight razor!


High Quality Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

The Kreigar Razor

This was the first straight razor that was officially issued to German soldiers during World War I and is also the official military issued straight razor in World War II as well. To say the least that this razor was designed for the battle field, you can be sure that it can give you the best results when you use it to give you that clean look that you always wanted in a straight razor. More importantly, the Kreigar Razor is made from pure surgical grade stainless steel and added caution should be used while using this razor. Maintaining this razor is virtually next to nothing as it’s stainless steel blade will never develop any signs of corrosion or discoloration for that matter.

The Gold Dollar Razor

This straight razor has been around for quite sometime now and is a straight razor blade that is made entirely in China using a standard 5/8 width stainless steel blade that is shave ready out of the box but could use further honing and stropping to improve it’s sharpness. The Gold Dollar razor is a classic old school styled razor blade that exudes an exquisite characteristic of a bygone era that lauds aesthetics with functionality. You will even find it interesting to know that some rare Gold Dollar limited edition models used real gold which is incorporated into the razor blades themselves. It is very rare to see a razor that has a gold filled blade these days, which is one of Gold Dollar’s well known razor brands and one should take pride in owning one!


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